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Quick installation guide of the peer2peer chat.

How2 to quickly install peer2peer webcam chat to your website ?

Compilation part

  1. Unzip the file into a folder

  2. Create a mysql databse unsing the db_create.sql file

  3. edit sql.php and points it to your database

  4. Import in Flex4 project and edit, line 3:
    public const DeveloperKey:String = "Put your developer key from adobe";
    If you don not have your startus key, you can get one from :

  5. Compile the flex and .. that's all !

Integration part into your website.

You can integrate the chat into any webpage. As the chat is one2one chat, you should integrate the chat into ALL pages of your website, so users can be called from anywhere while they visit your website.
Have a look at index.php to understand how to integarte it with your existing site.
Some keys to install it :

  • use a session variable username like username: You should insert that code in every web page when user can get webcam chat:
    <?php session_start(); $_SESSION['username'] = $_REQUEST["username"]; ?>

  • in the <header>, you should add this line: <? include("include_chat.php"); ?> in every page where the chat is included.

  • if you need the list of connected users, you can use getOnlineUsers.php file which is a simple sql statement

The best thing to do is to have a look at index.php and see how it is done.

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