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free! Open source chat.

Open source peer2peer webcam chat for your website.
Based on nodejs, RTMPF, JS,

Peer to peer chat: webcam video chat based on nodeJS and RTMPF technology. Add a html5 chat to your website now.

You need to enter with at least 2 users to test it !

Peer2peer chat is a one2one (person to person) webcam video chat using nodeJS for meeting connection. It is similar to google video chat service.

Once 2 persons are invited for a private chat, peer2peeer-chat connects them through RTMPF for a real time, peer2peer webcam video chat.

There is no Red5 or Flash Media Server RTMP server used so it can be installed on any shared hosting with nodeJS

Full source code : includes:nodejs scripts, JS, flex source code and installation guide.

Quick and easy to install on your own server.

Easy to be integrated to any existing website : just insert some scripts: no changes to be done to your website !

Compatible with osdate and any dating solutions and websites.

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