Here are the most common asked questions about the one2one chat.

Is it free?

yes: it’s FREE: you can get it and use it as you want.Is it opensource?yes: you get the source code and you can modify it as you want

Do you provide support ?

No we do not. We provide support only for registered users and our clients.

I have some special requirements: can you help we with that ?

Yes: this is our job to develop customized chat. Please contact us to describe your project

What do I need to run it on my server ?

You need a basic php/mysql hosting.

How is that possible you do not use any streaming server ?

We use nodejs chat.

How does the notification between 2 parties work ?

It’s a simple php polling with JQUERY.Why do you need mysql and php ?Before you can start one2one chat, the 2 parties need some notifications about it: that is why we use php polling through JQUERY.